The Trump-Kim Summit: The Art Of No Deal

By Jason Taylor

What happened between Kim and Trump?

Evidently, not much. Talk of peace is no guarantee that tensions and conflicts between the U.S. and North Korea will be reduced any more than tensions and conflicts between Trump and Kim will inevitably lead to war. There is nothing to stop both men from changing their minds on a dime. No one should be surprised that serious conflict between Trump and Kim is ahead despite the Potemkin village both men agreed to create for the cameras.

Whatever happened to that peace treaty between North and South Korea that would end their conflict and unify the peninsula that President Moon talked about? Wasn’t that supposed to come out of this Summit? (Perhaps it suffered the same fate as that multi-billion dollar infrastructure plan Trump talked about during his campaign and promptly forgot about).

More importantly, what about the complete denuclearization by North Korea that Trump had promised would happen and that Secretary of State Pompeo said was a pre-condition for meeting Kim?

Am I the only one feeling bewildered?

History is not on Mr. Trump’s side. North Korea has promised us several times to denuclearize, obtained concessions and then welched on the promise. Previous administrations, Democrat and Republican, have been outfoxed and disappointed by the Kim regime. The President has made a substantial concession in suspending joint military exercises with our Asian allies. Mr. Kim has, at this point, conceded nothing.

Trump has no follow through. He will be bored by the details and go on to something else that gets him immediate attention. The sanctions on North Korea will be violated but the US will have no interest in calling attention to them. The military will be too busy anyway preparing and planning for staying, going, staying, going to keep an eye on the Kim regime. China will be emboldened.

Trump thinks of diplomacy like he thinks of real estate developments, put them up, get some money, slap your name on the top and then play golf. Unfortunately, world affairs don’t stay static. Trump’s inattention will result in North Korea doing whatever it wants. Kim received unprecedented elevation from the Baby King, who is all hat and no cattle. Kim is legitimized with nary a mild rebuke for his human rights abuses and atrocities. Trump cares not for human rights. This photo-op may play with the base, many of whom apparently favor show biz over substance, but the US won nothing whatsoever. Who knew diplomacy requires reading, learning, listening and the capacity for nuanced thinking? Trump once again reveals that he is well past his depth.

If President Obama had insulted the Prime Minister of Canada and met with the Great Leader Kim of North Korea, in the same week, Fox News and the Republican Party would not have enough words to express their outrage and would demand impeachment hearings begin immediately.

Kim seems to be gaining some degree of credibility for agreeing to maybe perhaps eventually someday possibly think about beginning a legitimate process of denuclearization. Trump will continue to be viewed as an important statesman by his loyal followers and will be able to use this “accomplishment” to win votes from wavering Republicans in November.

There was no legally binding treaty that came from that meeting. It was just a photo op, and an opportunity for Trump to propose a hotel and golf course in Pyongyang.

Trump doesn’t care about a deal with North Korea. What he wants at the end of the day is a Nobel Peace Prize, because Obama got one. We all know that if Trump does eventually get one, he will be happy to tell us how much better, important, significant and earned his was.

If the American flag is the symbol of all that is honorable, even venerable about the United States of America as Trump attributes it, how in the name of heaven can it be flown next to the North Korean flag which represents nothing but a tyrannical regime which murders and imprisons dissidents and starves its own people?

Trump deserves absolute ridicule and condemnation for his persecution of NFL players who take a knee to advocate for racial justice and then, has the absolute gall to use the American flag as a backdrop for his photo-op with a tyrant.

In a single year Trump walks away from an agreement with one rogue nation, Iran, because, he says, it is weak and unenforceable, and then turns around and signs a weak and unenforceable agreement with another rogue nation, North Korea. The first agreement was signed on by seven other Western powers and seemed to be working. The second was seemingly dreamed up whole cloth in the mind of Trump after a night of heavy Fox news binging.

Strange how Trump forms “special bonds” with enemies of the United States, but spits in the faces of friends of the United States. It’s almost like he is working for the enemies. Actually, strike that “Its almost like”, Trump is working for the enemies of the United States, because they have been bankrolling him for the last twenty years.


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