Blackmail And Taking Hostages: Trump’s True Art of the Deal

By Jason Taylor

Once again this administration does not understand the possible consequences of their actions. Over and over again they have had to admit in so many words that the problem and its solution were far more complex than they had expected. Obamacare was a simple “repeal and replace,” illegal immigration could be solved by a simple “Build a wall.” These problems have not been solved by past administrations because they are complex.

When will they learn that simple “solutions” will only make matters worse? Cutting the Gordian knot worked for Alexander the Great. It won’t work for this administration because the Gordian knot has turned into Medusa.

First Trump said that family separations were just because he was enforcing “Democrat’s laws” and that he had to separate them (the “laws” he’s referring to don’t exist). Then, his Secretary of Homeland Security says that the family separations aren’t occurring. Then his head of the Border Patrol says on NPR that they aren’t separating children from parents for “more than a few hours.” Then his Secretary of Homeland Security says that they won’t apologize for “enforcing the law” (which doesn’t exist). Then Trump says only Congress can stop the family separations. And now, magically, Trump has found the power to end the separations on his own. The entire Trump administration is either incredibly incompetent or incredibly deceitful…or both.

Maintaining safe borders and respecting human rights are not mutually exclusive. The racism, xenophobia, and absence of empathy within this administration is breathtaking. Even with what appears to be their utter lack of moral or ethical qualms about dehumanizing and traumatizing children, their exceptionally cruel and short-sighted policy will have national security ramifications for years to come.

The experience of traumatic events can lead to social, emotional, cognitive, and behavior changes that leave not only one individual affected, but others who are related to or otherwise interact with those individuals. These are society-wide impacts. These individuals (who have often already withstood traumatic events in their countries of origin) will recall and be affected by these events for years, perhaps generations.

I believe that the Trump administration has committed crimes against humanity. Miller and Sessions may be driving that but there are a lot of people in the government who should know better; are they ‘just following orders’? Perhaps it is a good time to dust off the Nuremberg procedural manual so that we can see justice served once this reign of terror ends.

An odious pair of conniving bigots in Sessions and Miller. Any other modern president would fire Sessions and Miller and possibly support an investigation into their behavior. Our country is dissolving into chaos at an accelerating rate that seems to get worse daily.

Jefferson Davis Beauregard Sessions has shown us racist Confederate colors for all his life. Stephen Miller, the anarchist who couldn’t fit into a diverse intellectual community in California, fled to a more welcoming, nurturing nest and found it as Sessions’ mouthpiece. The Alabama native, who all his life has hoisted high the colors of treason and rebellion that so endear him to the South found common cause with Donald Trump early on.

The entire Wall and border literature are as race-based as the arguments that Sessions has lugged along his entire career. What he desires as American government policy is an immigration law that has less to do border security than it does an adamantine refusal to accommodate non-whites into America — one of Trump’s building blocks for “making America great again.” The screaming children are, to them, just noise.

Miller, for his part, wears the unsmiling sneer of a man to whom cruelty is as much his DNA as his lifeblood. Both men are the lava spewed from a volcano of hate. That this un-Christian enmity has come to define one political party is not surprising in the smallest.

Everyone should strongly condemn the zero-tolerance policy the Trump administration and the Republicans have promoted to separate families as a fear tactic and deterrent.

Trump’s latest executive order is a sham that will continue using the same policies, plus keep thousands of children already separated in place with no plan or effort for reunification. Trump’s order does not resolve current abuse taking place. Migrant families seeking asylum is not an immigration issue because these families are fleeing their homes and peacefully, voluntarily surrendering themselves to the appropriate U.S.authorities to process their asylum requests. Regardless, these individuals are detained and separated, which is in gross violation of the UN Human Rights Council requirements on migrant families, as well as our own asylum laws.

Fleeing horrors of a country is a terrifying move that many are forced to take, often leaving behind everything they had, and everything they’ve known. While parents may choose to gamble with their own lives they seek safety for their children. Ask Congress to safeguard individuals and families against an ineffective pretense of an executive order.

This comes down to the mid-term elections in November. Trump voters won’t be won over by Democrats, and nothing Trump does will drive them away. Nothing. The media, sociologists, and pundits have spent 18 months trying to understand the Trump voter. The truth is, Trump voters hero-worship the man for unapologetically reflecting their xenophobic, frightened, bullying natures. He owns that demographic, and he will continue to rile them up with his revolting rallies and his childlike tweets. The rest of the electorate has an immense responsibility in November. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the future of not only the U.S. but also the rest of the world may be in their hands. The voting box is how America repudiates Trump and his supporters. A powerful message must be sent.

There’s only one lesson to learn from this horrendous episode: Democrats need to vote the GOP out of office in November. Our country’s survival depends upon it.


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