Full Stop: Trump Wants To End ‘Due Process’ For Immigrants Seeking Asylum

By Jason Taylor

Once again Trump has displayed the depth of his understanding of the Constitution of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights.

In a series of Tweets, Trump has been essentially calling for an end to due process.

How do you know immigrants have entered this country illegally if you do not follow an established procedure to determine their status, in which they are permitted to defend themselves against the accusation? That is what “due process” means. It is a fundamental right under the Constitution that defines America.

Not only “illegal immigrants.” The government spends a lot of money investigating, indicting, and trying in court all kinds of people who “everybody knows” are guilty. Just lock them up and be done with it. Start with all the “liberals” and ‘Crooked Hillary’ first in line…

You can just look at Trump and see the wheels turning… “Fourth Amendment”? Too bothersome. “Due Process”? Wasted time. “Rule of Law”? Doesn’t apply to the president. Which is why this is a dangerous, dangerous idea… the whole ‘slippery slope’ destruction of our Constitution, our liberty, and our nation, all embodied in one tweet.

Trump must be grossly unaware of the definition of the word “constitution”, i.e. a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed. That’s why it’s pretty important to know what it says if you’re going to lead a country that has one. It’s even more important that you truly understand what it means and why.

Since his first day in office, Trump has been confusing the word “constitution” with the word “dictatorship”. Which is odd, because he doesn’t live in one.

And there is nothing that he or anyone else can say or do that will change that. American citizens, and, in Trump’s particular case, American law, will not allow a dictatorship to get a foothold in this country.

Trump’s base sees brown faces appearing in their grocery stores and hears Spanish at the gas station. Right-wing media screams about waves of criminal immigrant gang members and foments an issue, disregarding statistics that show immigration rate slowing, that immigrants contribute disproportionately to the economy, that immigrants are more law abiding than native-born citizens.

Suddenly, immigration is the most pressing issue of our time. Healthcare, wage disparity, tax cuts for billionaires, opioids, gig economy, environment, the destruction of the federal government, campaign finance, election integrity, all discarded as concerns because Fox News says so.

Trump’s true colors continue to emerge: infestation, invasion, support for brutal dictators around the world, advocate elimination of due process, deny civil rights, repeatedly insult and verbally assault those who do not share your views. His actions do not reflect the America I want to live in. His behavior and that of his staff is atrocious and unworthy of endorsement. As a country, we aspire to better and our current president advocates only the worst.

There is no law without due process. Law without due process is arbitrary and capricious. Trump is calling for lawlessness.

Trump and his rabid fans fail to think through all of the real-world implications of another post-cheeseburger diatribe. When you remove guarantees of fair treatment, the result is exponentially increased risks to the millions of Americans who do business in other countries. Instead of holding up America as a beacon of fair treatment, Trump has given every bad actor a grand excuse to abuse any American traveler on a whim. The next time a friend or family member is falsely accused of something in a foreign land that Trump has relentlessly insulted, have fun trying to get sympathy from the local magistrate. Donald Trump’s ignorance is only surpassed by his nastiness.

The Supreme Court has held that persons on US soil are afforded the rights granted under the constitution. Do we decide to throw away the rights of others for convenience? When will your own rights be inconvenient? Laws are the basis of our liberty. forego law for others and we lose liberty incrementally for all.

Donald Trump swore to be faithful to and uphold the United States Constitution. He vowed to be faithful in his marriages. Banks loaned him large sums of money trusting he would pay it back. Believing he is above the law, he used his charity as a personal piggy bank. Trump infested the GOP with depravity, hate, and amorality. In his world, the worst is best, and the best is worst. Gibbs rules: if the bad guy has the upper hand, then break it. Metaphorically, these hands of corruption must be broken. Trump has demonstrated himself to be untrustworthy and unstable.

The President is a clear and present danger to our democratic society, and he is being urged on by a Republican contingency in Congress. What they are thinking is likely so chilling that the average American cannot get her or his arms around it, and so We, The People, whose government this is, seem to be paralyzed — much like the Germans were during Hitler’s rise.

We better wake up. November is a very short, four months away. Time to get busy.




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